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Le Cafe' & Marketplace

Created to be a local hangout and gathering place, the complex includes a restaurant, gazebo and pond, farmers market, and available outdoor booths. The exteriors encapsulate the architecture in the neighborhood and the interior is inviting and light with a lot of natural elements.

patio le cafe_edited_edited.jpg
enscape waiting room edit_2x_0.5x.jpg

Larissa's Pediatric Clinic

In this space, vibrant yet calming colors and natural elements were layered into the separate seating areas and design, while expertly using flooring for wayfinding. The result is a balance of anxiety-reducing design and calming colors.


This multipurpose room was redesigned to create a room capable of catering to many needs. It has a clear wayfinding path, an all inclusive stage area, and functional seating. (A collaborative effort with Lane Harrison and Kylie Gilbert)

NEW  STADGE_2x_edited.jpg
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Cruise Experience/Mall Rehab

Grand Entry


Grand Entry Bar

Bar and Dance Floor


Guest Check in


Grand Entry Lounge

Swinging Green Room

Gallery: Projects



Bonfil's Lakehouse

The owners of this space looked to add elements from its surroundings to create a spacious open layout featuring the view of the lake.  Bright whites and shades of blue are brought into this master bath through top-of-the-line finishes to  dramatically finish this luxury lake lifestyle.

livng jkj_edited_edited.jpg
lumion tiny cabin pics_Photo - 3.jpg

Off the Grid

Creating a model house for a tiny house company, this home is fully off the grid. Showcasing local materials and Ikea furniture, it has all of the amenities with little blueprint on the elements. Using natural daylight as a feature the result is a place of balance and beauty, in harmony with its surroundings.

Tiny House

Lots of natural lights, clean lines, and clever use of space makes this tiny home seem spacious.

Gallery: Projects
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